~ 10 Series Concluding in 2022 that I Can’t Wait to Read ~

These Hollow Vows (Duology)

Published July 20th 2021
Expected publication: July 19th 2022

These Hollow Vows and I did not start off on the right foot as something about my initial read did not fully click with me; however, it grew on me over time. (You can read my full review here.) The more I thought about the novel, the more I ended up liking it. Now that the sequel will be published in 2022, my goal is to give the first novel another chance and read them back to back.

The Drowning Empire (Trilogy)

Published September 8th 2020
Published November 23rd 2021
Expected publication: September 2022

The Drowning Empire trilogy was a surprise read for me as it turned out differently than I expected in some areas, such as romance. While there are some elements that make it a “classic” fantasy series, there are some moments that make it stand out. (You can read my full reviews for The Bone Shard Daughter here and The Bone Shard Emperor here.) The third novel, The Bone Shard War, does not have a cover yet, so I cannot wait for it to be revealed and to read the actual novel!

Six Crimson Cranes (Duology)

Published July 8th 2021
Expected publication: August 30th 2022

Six Crimson Cranes is a duology where I initially listened to the first novel on audiobook. As this novel was a FairyLoot release, I cannot wait to read the hardcover version. (You can read my initial full review here.) As the final cover for the second novel, The Dragon’s Promise, has not been released, I really cannot wait to see what it looks like and to read the conclusion!

Wings of Ebony (Duology)

Published January 26th 2021 
Expected publication: January 11th 2022

Both Wings of Ebony and Ashes of Gold are on my TBR. As I have the ARC for the sequel, I will be starting both novels soon. Based on the initial reviews I’ve seen around online, I am really looking forward to this duology!

Forestborn (Duology)

Published August 31st 2021 
Expected publication: August 30th 2022

Forestborn was an interesting concept for a duology. The first novel was fantastic with two romances plus multiple plot twists. There is a cliffhanger with a prophecy at the end that makes me really want to figure out what happens next. (You can read my initial full review for the first novel here.)

Dauntless Path (Duology/Trilogy)

Published March 24th 2020
Published March 23rd 2021
Expected publication: July 21st 2022

Dauntless Path has an interesting set-up for a series. The initial prequel novella, Brambles, gives an into to the first novel, Thorn. The second prequel, The Bone Knife, is the prequel for the next two novels, The Theft of Sunlight and A Darkness at the Door (cover to be revealed), which is the companion duology with a new main character, but set in the same timeline and universe as the first. I love all of the books in this series, so I am very excited to read the conclusion! (You can read my full reviews for the novellas here, Thorn here, and The Theft of Sunlight here.)

Bladesmith (Duology)

Published May 4th 2021
Expected publication: July 26th 2022

There is something about Tricia Levenseller’s writing that just works for me as it is both simple yet interesting and complex. So far, I have loved all of her releases. Blade of Secrets was amazing for me and I am very excited to read the conclusion in Master of Iron! (You can read my full review for the first novel here.)

The Kinder Poison (Trilogy)

Published June 16th 2020
Published June 15th 2021
Expected publication: December 2022

While this was initially published as a duology per the publisher, I was ecstatic when the author announced that she will be self-publishing a third novel to make this series a trilogy! I honestly did not go into this series with the highest of expectations (based on my general mood at the time), so I was surprised at how much I loved this series. The third novel is currently Untitled and the cover is TBD, but the author currently has plans to publish it at the end of 2022. (You can read my full reviews for The Kinder Poison and The Cruelest Mercy here.)

World at the Lake’s Edge (Duology)

Published September 28th 2021
Expected publication: July 19th 2022

The World at the Lake’s Edge is a duology that I am very excited to finish! Lakesedge was a hit or miss for some readers, but the story worked well for me. (You can check out my full review here.) As there is a lot of possibilities for the conclusion, I am excited to read the sequel along with seeing what the official cover looks like!

Kingdom of the Wicked (Trilogy)

Published October 27th 2020
Published October 26th 2021
Expected publication: 2022

Kingdom of the Wicked is my current audiobook series that I am working on completing. While I am still at the very start of the first novel, Kingdom of the Wicked, I am very excited to finish this series. (The third novel does not currently have a cover, but it is titled Kingdom of the Feared.)

There are tons more series that I am excited to continue in 2022, including the fourth novel in the Blood and Ash series along with the second novel in the Realm Breaker series, just to name a few. While there is no way to list every single series that I am looking forward to continuing in 2022, I am still very excited to try them all as there are some that I am sure I still need to discover. Additionally to series that are continuing and/or concluding in 2022, there are multiple other series starting in 2022 that I am excited to read, as well as, the millions of series previously published. I am not sure about the millions of other reads that I will attempt in 2022, but these novels are my initial TBR goals!

How about you? What series are you looking forward to starting/finishing?

3 thoughts on “~ 10 Series Concluding in 2022 that I Can’t Wait to Read ~

  1. It’s good to know some of these are duologies, I’m doing the Popsugar challenge next year and there’s a prompt to read a whole duology., so I needed ideas! I still haven’t got round to reading The Bone Shard Daughter, at least if I like it I won’t have long to wait to finish it.

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