~ Monthly Wrap-Up: DECEMBER & Yearly Wrap-up ~

For the final month of the year, I managed to read/review 16 books (10, of which, were audiobooks). Four of them were ARCs and the remaining were ebooks.

Below is my wrap-up for December alone and then I discuss my reads for 2021 and goals for 2022 at the end.

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

REVIEW POSTS: Four to Five Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Three to Four Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Two to Three Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Zero to Two Donuts


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Books Read = 413

Pages Read = 126, 083

Average Book Length in 2021 = 321 pages

My average rating for 2021 = 4.1

2021 was a great year of reading for me as I enjoyed, almost, all of my reads. There are a few where I enjoyed the author’s style and not the particular novel while some just weren’t for me at all. I discovered a ton of new authors that would be too many to list along with a lot of great series that I cannot wait to continue in 2022.

This year I started listening to audiobooks, which vastly increased the amount of reading I was able to complete. I began a lot of different weekly book memes, as well as, reading challenges and tags that I hope to continue with in 2022. Another huge accomplishment is surpassing 600 followers which is beyond amazing for me as it was started as just an online archive (in a way) for my friend and I so we didn’t expect any followers. I am extremely thankful to everyone that reads these posts, or even just scrolls through, as it means a lot to me.

My reading goal for 2022 is to just keep reading great stories. For Goodreads, I am setting my number at 300, but I will be okay if I do not reach this goal. I am excited to try the Audiobook Challenge again in 2022 and will start with Marathoner (50 audiobooks) and see how that goes first. An additional challenge that I want to participate in is the Book Blogger one where you promote and interact more with others in the blogging community. Once all the holiday craziness is over, I hope to create a post for this and get started on this one as I am excited to try and be more involved. One other challenge that I will repeat is the one for the Christmas/Winter reading challenge. Now that I am aware of the challenge, I hope to begin it in October. I am sure there are a million other challenges and post options to try, so I will have to figure them out as they come along.


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