~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #4 ~

This week has been one of my slowest weeks where I only managed to complete two novels (one ARC and one audiobook).

~ My Reviews ~

Count Your Lucky Stars (Written in the Stars #3)

ARC Review

Year of the Reaper

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

I am still working on my ARC for Cupid Calamity and my audiobook for Just Haven’t Met You Yet, which I’ll most likely finish today or tomorrow. Since The Starlight Blade comes out soon and is a shorter novella, I may try to finish this over the weekend, too as I want to finish it before it is published. If I want to be very ambitious, then I also want to attempt Wings of Ebony, which I originally chose for one of my January Reading Challenge prompts, but I may switch the prompt to one of my other completed novels, which also fit the category. I have confidence in at least finishing Cupid and Met You, but I am not sure my current schedule and speed will allow me to fully complete the other two.

For the reads that I did complete, I greatly enjoyed both of them. Count Your Lucky Stars was an excellent read and a great addition to the Written in the Stars series. It was nice for Margot, a secondary character in the first two novels, to finally have her own HEA. As for Year of the Reaper, this one turned out a lot different than I expected in a great way as I love how the mystery and fantasy genres wove together to incorporate historical events into a fictional story.

As with every week, I have a million novels that I want to read, even though I will only get through a few of them. Eventually, I hope to get back to my previous reading speed, but we shall see what life allows. Until then, I am still happy if I get through at least one novel as I love to discover new authors and stories.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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