~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #5 ~

This week I managed five novels – one ebook, two ARCs, and two audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Wings of Ebony (Wings of Ebony #1)

Book Review

Just Haven’t Met You Yet

Audiobook Review

The Starlight Blade (The Twin Kingdoms #4)

ARC Review

Cupid Calamity (Evie & Kelly’s Holiday Disasters #1)

ARC Review

Portrait of a Scotsman (A League of Extraordinary Women #3)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

As we are already in February, I am surprised that I actually read both of my intended novels for the TBR Knockout Challenge. Each month for this reading challenge has two prompts and the reader selects one novel for each prompt. I read Wings of Ebony this week for the “read the 1st book in a series” prompt and I previously read Ash Princess for the “read a book that you meant to read last year or finish reading a book that you started last year.” While both novels could fit each prompt along with others that I previously read this year, these were the first two that came to mind and I am thrilled that I completed both of them. Although I selected Bridal Boot Camp and Fierce Fairytales for my February selections, I am still on the fence if I want to stick with those or change them to other books. I’ll have to see what my final selections end up being by the time February ends.

As Wings of Ebony is the first novel in a duology, my plan for next week is to read the ARC for the sequel, Ashes of Gold. This week I caught up on the A League of Extraordinary Women series as I finished the third novel, Portrait of a Scotsman. There is a fourth novel, The Gentleman’s Gambit, that will be published in September of this year, that I am looking forward to reading. The fourth and final novel for The Twin Kingdom series was published this week and I am glad the fourth novel, The Starlight Blade, wrapped everything up well while also providing a new story for Viola. My final read was the audiobook for Just Haven’t Met You Yet. It was a very cute and heartwarming story. While it had its predictable elements like many contemporary/modern romances, I liked how the author put the characters and plot elements together.

Along with Ashes of Gold, my ambitious TBR for next week includes Love Lessons in Starcross Valley, which I will read as part of a blog tour, and Gilded, which I may try on audiobook. I have many other audiobooks in my library queue, but Gilded has been one I’ve heard a lot about and I am very curious to try it; however, I am nervous to read it as it most likely will end with a cliffhanger and the sequel, Cursed, is not due for publication until November 2022. I am hopeful that I will at least finish those three novels, but I will have to wait and see how it actually goes by the time I wrap up the week.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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