~ Romances that Feature Common Tropes ~


One of my top genres to read is romance stories, so I decided to create a post about some of my most memorable ones. While I may have multiple novels that I loved for each category, I tried to narrow it down to one for each scenario. The exception is the love triangle as it is very rare when I actually like the triangle featured in the story.

Trope: Friends to Lovers

Title: The Friend Zone (The Friend Zone #1)

This was one of my first reads when I began reading more often and was a great re-introduction into the friends-to-lovers trope. In this story, the two characters get to know each other as friends due to obstacles before they take the plunge into a potential relationship.

Trope: Enemies to Lovers

Title: Beach Read

This novel features a more subtle approach to enemies to lovers. As I already completed an entire list of more traditional enemies-to-lovers stories, I decided to include this one. In Beach Read, there are two authors for two different genres of books. They each help the other to see that there is a lot more to their genre than meets the eye.

Trope: Forbidden Romance

Title: From Blood and Ash (From Blood and Ash #1)

I am still very far behind in this series as the fourth novel in this six-installment series will be released in March. I loved this novel as it is a slow-burn romance as the two slowly begin to acknowledge feelings for the other and there are reasons that forbid them from being together.

Trope: Fake Dating

Title: Boyfriend Material (Boyfriend Material #1)

When I first read this story, it was initially listed as a standalone. Now, I believe, it is a trilogy. Since I loved this story, I am on board with this expansion and I cannot wait to read the sequels. This story not only involves fake dating but also explores opposites attract. Luc and Oliver were excellent protagonists and I greatly enjoyed their story.

Trope: Fake Dating (Friends to Lovers)

Title: The Alice Equation (The Laws of Love #1)

Alice and Aaron are friends. Aaron needs Alice to pose as his fake girlfriend for his job, which works out for Alice as she has a crush on him. This story was very sweet and I love this series, so far. I believe there are now four in the series, so I do still need to play catch-up on the last two.

Trope: Fake Dating (Enemies to Lovers)

Title: The Unhoneymooners

Ethan and Olive are enemies after an incident between them. When they each get to go on a honeymoon trip together, they need to fake being together. I loved this story as there was some humor, some heartfelt moments, and a nice romance within a gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop.

Trope: Second Chance Romance

Title: Float Plan (Beck Sisters #1)

In this story, a woman loses her significant other and goes on a healing trip. Along the way, she starts to open up to the idea of finding love again. The emotional journey the character goes on plus the amazing Caribbean setting made this an excellent read and I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series.

Trope: Second Chance Romance

Title: First Love, Take Two (The Trouble with Hating You #2)

In this type of second chance romance, the couple was previously together. After a situation breaks them up, the story follows them meeting again to see if they can start again. I love the shared history that the two characters share, so the reader has a chance to learn about their relationship over a greater timeline as there are flashbacks and the present timelines.

Trope: Love Triangle

Title: The Fate of Crowns (The Fate of Crowns #1)

Winter, Cedric, and Blaise form a triangle in this series. In this particular installment, I was fully on Team Cedric. The element that set this apart from others that feature love triangles, is that I was completely okay with the main character choosing either suitor. Each had amazing qualities throughout the series and I liked how it all turned out in the finale.

Trope: Love Triangle

Title: The Kinder Poison (The Kinder Poison #1)

This love triangle features Zahru, Kasta, and Jet. As there is a third novel still to be published, there is a chance my love of the triangle in the series could change; however, I love how it is handled in the first two novels. The romance does not take away from the story and I love that all three are likable in their own way, even if they make many mistakes along the way.

Since I could not feature all romances, I narrowed down a list of some runners-up for both novels within the categories already used above and some other categories.

Opposites Attract
Enemies to Lovers (Contract Driver)
First Love
Second-Chance New Love
May-December Relationship
Workplace Enemies to Lovers
Business Enemies to Lovers
Secret Crush to Love
Second Chance & Enemies to Lovers
Enemies to Lovers & Opposites Attract

This definitely does not include all of the romances that I’ve read nor does it cover all of my favorites. As it is one of my top two genres, I have hundreds that could be used in this post and I have millions more that I still need to read. I am sure that my trope categories could mix and match between novels and some of them are not as straightforward as I make them out to be, but these are how I saw them when I thought of this post.


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