~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #7 ~

This week I managed six novels – one backlist ebook, two ARCs, and three audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul

Book Review

Meet Me in the Margin

ARC Review

A Sunrise Over Bali

ARC Review

The Right Swipe (Modern Love #1)

Audiobook Review

We Hunt the Flame (Sands of Arawiya #1)

Audiobook Review

Conceal, Don’t Feel (Twisted Tales #7)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

This week, I finished Fierce Fairytales for the TBR Knockout Reading Challenge. My other backlist titles were The Right Swipe, We Hunt the Flame, and Conceal, Don’t Feel. I am not sure if they fit any of the categories in my Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge or not. Even if they do not fit any of the prompts, I am glad that I am slowly making my way through some of my backlist titles that I have been meaning to read for a long time.

Meet Me in the Margins was a surprising read this week as I was not sure what to expected as the author’s other novel was not among my favorites. While there were some elements that were not perfect, I still found it to be a very enjoyable read and I loved the concept. I loved Sandy Barker’s novel, A Sunrise Over Bali. Not only did this novel make me miss traveling, I loved the sweet story featuring self-discovery, romance, and friendship.

For next week, I am working on Hook, Line, and Sinker, an ARC sequel to It Happened One Summer. I just started this one, so I hope to finish it over the weekend. My other novels that I want to finish are We Free the Stars, the sequel to We Hunt the Flame, and possibly another Twisted Tales novel, although I am not sure which one yet.

As this is Romance Week on Goodreads, I saw their list of 64 novels from the past three years. As I have only read half of them from the list, I want to try and read more from the list by the end of the year. I am not sure if I will get to all of them, but I hope to get through most of them.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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