~ The ABC Challenge: “J” ~

Welcome to my second post for the ABC Challenge! I am not sure who the creator of this challenge is as I do not recall seeing a link on others’ posts. If you know who it is, I will be happy to add their credits. The rules are simple as each post contains one letter of the alphabet and contains memorable reads from the past and novels from your TBR.

For this challenge, I decided to mix up my order using a random letter generator. Instead of going alphabetically, I will post based on the letter chosen by the generator. At the moment, I am tracking the completed letters and attempting to cycle through all of the letters at least once. I believe I will also try to make this a weekly post, for now. Since I will run out of letters before the end of the year, I may circle back through the alphabet as I can include other books not used during the first round.

Today’s Letter: J

“J” was a pretty good letter as I had a decent amount of novels to choose from, although, my TBR list far outweighed my read list. As I make my way through my backlist, I am hopeful that I will have some more choices in the future if I end up doing another “J” post.

Memorable Titles That Start With the Letter “J”

  • (The) Jasmine Throne (Burning Kingdoms #1) – This novel did a fantastic job at living up to my higher expectations. I loved how the author integrated real cultural elements in a fictional fantasy world. The characters and plot were all very enjoyable and I am excited to continue the series.
  • Jade City (The Green Bone Saga #1) – Since this is the start of a trilogy, the first novel is a little slow as the world, plot, and characters are established. I liked this novel a lot, but I feel I need to be in the right mood to continue, so eventually I will get around to the sequel.
  • Josefine: Shadows of the Witch – This story is the beginning of a series. While it includes amazing elements, such as vampires and witches, I am still on the fence if there was enough in this story to make me continue to the next novel. I believe the next one comes out later this spring, so I may end up picking it up later.
  • Just Like in the Movies – In this story one of the characters shares her love of movies with another and the two get to know each other in a theater setting. It is a slow build up towards the ending, which was, at times, too slow for my taste, but it was still a good story.
  • Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating – The novels written by these two authors are hit and miss for me and this one leaned toward a miss. The base elements were all there to make it amazing, for me, but it just did not come together enough as some pieces were dragged out and others were not explored enough. I still love the authors and look forward to trying another novel from them.
  • (The) Juggle – I am still on the fence about this novel as it is a nice slice-of-life novel. It is not labeled as a sequel, but it is a standalone continuation of the novel, Time Out. While the first novel is only referenced, I do wonder if I would have connected more if I read both of them together.
  • Jenn Reinvented (The Sweet Water Circle #2) – In this story, the main character is experiencing trouble in her marriage. The two separate and she looks at options with both past, present, and potential future loves as she she explores if it is time to separate or to come back together.
  • Just Haven’t Met You Yet – This was a very sweet and heart-warming story as two characters comes together while dealing with their individual pasts. While this one includes some insta-love, it was still a very enjoyable standalone.

Books on My TBR that Start With the Letter “J”

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby
Just Friends
Jane in Love
Jade War (The Green Bone Saga #2)
Just Another Silly Love Song
Jingle All the Way
Just Last Night
Just The Way I Am

Have you read any of the novels mentioned above or are they on your TBR?

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