~ The ABC Challenge: “I” ~

Welcome to my fourth post for the ABC Challenge! I am not sure who the creator of this challenge is as I do not recall seeing a link on others’ posts. If you know who it is, I will be happy to add their credits. The rules are simple as each post contains one letter of the alphabet and contains memorable reads from the past and novels from your TBR.

For this challenge, I decided to mix up my order using a random letter generator. Instead of going alphabetically, I will post based on the letter chosen by the generator. As there may be repeats, I am not sure if I want to select a new letter or just post the letter given by the generator, so I will have to decide once that situation occurs. I am also still working on if I want to make this a weekly post or if I want to spread out the posts.

Today’s Letter: I

“I” was a difficult letter as I had difficulty between choosing novels that included the pronoun “I” or not. I decided to not include it, but I still kept the shorter “I” words like “it” and “is.”

Memorable Titles That Start With the Letter “I”

  • Iron Widow (Iron Widow #1) – This novel went above and beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to read the sequel. I love that instead of a love triangle, the author included a MFM triad where it did not feel forced and the three characters balance each other well.
  • (The) Immortal Game – In this story, the children of Greek Gods and Goddesses are featured. The story was nice as it mixed in the mythology with an interesting mystery element when one of the characters must prove her innocence.
  • (The) Ice Swan – This novel was a very unexpected hit for me as the style is not my usual read. This novel follows two main characters in Paris in 1917 where there are many historical and cultural events from reality included in the story.
  • In a Holidaze – This one was a hit for me as I enjoyed the humor mixed into the story. The holiday setting and the past shared by the characters made it a sweet and enjoyable romance.
  • If the Shoe Fits (Meant to Be #1) – This story is the first in the Meant to Be series that does some new takes on fairy tale retellings and each is written by a different author. In this story, the reader experiences a new take on Cinderella with a plus-size heroine in a reality tv show setting.
  • It’s Kind of a Cheesy Love Story – The main character in this story is now a teenager after going viral as a baby. While there is some romance in this story, it focuses a lot on coming of age and acceptance.
  • Into the Heartless Wood – This novel was an excellent retelling on Beauty and the Beast. The two main characters were both well-written and had great development throughout the course of the story.
  • Italy Ever After – I loved this second-chance romance. The main character is trying to heal after her divorce and becomes the chaperone for her daughter’s trip to Italy. The setting added to my wish to travel again and I loved how the characters developed.

Books on My TBR that Start With the Letter “I”

It’s Raining Men
Intercepted [Playbook #1]
(The) Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
Isn’t It Bromantic? [Bromance Book Club #4]
Island Affair [Keys to Love #1]
(The) Inheritance of Orquídea Divina
(The) Iron Raven [The Iron Fey: Evenfall #1]
Illuminae [The Illuminae Files #1]

Have you read any of the novels mentioned above or are they on your TBR?

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