Book Review: Head Over Heels in Hawaii (Travelling Calvert Sisters) (ARC)

Expected publication: April 7th 2022

Author: Tori Ross

First in a new romantic comedy series by Tori Ross! Come along with the Calvert sisters as they find love and laughter far from home…

Cora Calvert is frustrated with her life and still sleeping in her childhood bunk bed. As if living with your parents isn’t bad enough, Cora’s job consists of measuring old women for bras instead of using her college degree in fashion design. When an opportunity for a trip to Hawaii comes about, she’s all over it and can’t pack fast enough. Even better, the tour is only for people in their twenties.

Cora’s excitement for the tour wanes when she learns the tour company assigns seats, and she’s stuck next to an arrogant jerk named Eric. Cora makes other friends and tries to ignore Eric’s green eyes and verbal diarrhea as she explores the islands. But Cora’s about to learn that first impressions can be very wrong.

The Traveling Calvert Sisters series is a series of shorts with 25-35k words. They can be read in any order. HEA or HFN guaranteed!

Head Over Heels in Hawaii is the first standalone in a new series following the Calvert sisters. Cora Calvert is 25 years old and one of nine children (eight girls and one boy, including three sets of twins). After graduating with a degree in fashion design, she was financially unable to support herself, so she moved back in with her parents in Alton, Illinois. As four other siblings are also living at home, Cora must share a room with her sister, Peyton. On top of living at home, she has a job working in a department store measuring women for bras, which is far from her dream position. She is very excited to find an escape in the form of a trip to Hawaii where she joined a tour group that will take her to the islands of Oahu and Maui and is only for those in their twenties. The chaos starts as it becomes very apparent how sheltered Cora is as she does not know how to navigate an airport and everything around her is an interesting first experience.

Once she lands in Hawaii, she meets a fellow Midwesterner, Salina. The two of them hit it off and agree to hang out with each other during the trip. When the two of them are at a convenience store, they run into Eric and his friend Barns and they do not get off to a great start. Their plan to avoid each other is foiled when the tour guide assigns “vacation pods” where different travelers are placed into groups. These four characters experience the fun and adventure that Hawaii brings with some things going very much not according to plan. The more time that Eric and Cora spend together, the more Cora begins to realize that Eric may not be as bad as she originally thought. The two of them have great chemistry and it was fun to see their relationship grow, even if some gross incidents happen between them. Barns and Salina were also fun additions to the story as I loved how Salina loved his facial hair and was determined to be with him and he was happy to reciprocate.

Overall, this was a very cute and fun read. As this is Cora’s first travel experience on her own, I loved her discovering everything through trial and error.  I give her a ton of credit as your first solo trip is never easy and brought me back to my own, although in my case I at least had more experience with flying previously. Since this story takes place with the characters on vacation, there is tension about if their relationship is just for the time being or if they can make it work in the long run. This novel was a nice short read yet it contained an entertaining plot and interesting characters. I liked that I could read this in a little over an hour as it gave a fun escape between everything else. I cannot wait to see what the next Calvert sisters novel bring!

**I want to give a special thank you to BookSprout and the author for a review copy of this entertaining and enjoyable novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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