~ Monthly Wrap-Up: MARCH ~

This month I completed 34 novels – 20 were audiobooks (two ARCs and 18 backlist titles) and 14 were ebooks (11 were ARCs and three were backlist titles).

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

REVIEW POSTS: Four to Five Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Three to Four Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Two to Three Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Zero to Two Donuts


My Weekly Posts:

Additional Posts

Spell the Month in Books


This month I continued with the ABC Book Challenge and decided to do it as a weekly post. Since I am posting the letters randomly, I am still deciding if I want to (1)repeat letters if they come up multiple times on the random generator and (2)how many posts I want to do for this challenge.

I am also continuing with the TBR Knockout Challenge monthly prompts and attempting to complete some more novels for the Beat the Backlist Challenge. As I am also participating in the Audiobook Challenge, reading and/or listening to backlist titles helps me complete each challenge plus help reduce my endless TBR list.

In April, I am not sure if I have set goals aside from continuing to read both backlist and ARC novels. I see a ton of new book tags and memes that I want to try, but I am not sure which ones I will try next. I am still working on formatting and updating the general pages of the blog. I debate if I want to update the whole look, but I cannot decide on something new yet, so I am keeping everything the same right now. Eventually, when I can land on a new idea, I may change everything, at least a little. I always have new novels added to my TBR, so I think a definite goal for April is to keep exploring everyone’s blogs as those are where I find most of my ideas of what titles I should attempt in the near future.

I hope everyone had a great March and will have an excellent April!

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