~ Book Tag: The Quarter Year Crisis ~

I actually came across this book tag on Laura’s blog (The Corner of Laura) and since it looked interesting, I decided to put my own answers together. If you want to check out the originator for this tag, check out Rosin’s page (Roisin’s Reading from BookTube).

How many books have you read so far?

As of today, I have completed 84 novels in 2022. This is a huge mix of audiobooks, novella collections, and full-length ebooks.

I set my Goodreads 2022 goal at 300 novels, which I hope to meet, but we shall have to see. I do love audiobooks, as without them I would barely have time to read all the books on my radar.

Have you already found a book you think might be a 2022 favourite?

Honestly, I do have novels that I love. This includes two novels, The Bride Test and Kingdom of the Wicked, which I rated the highest, so far.

I do not think either will be the favorite by the end of the year, but I do greatly love both stories, even if I loved them more than their average Goodreads rating.

There are a lot of sequels, including the third in the Kingdom of the Wicked series, plus some anticipated standalones, so I will reserve judgment on choosing a favorite, for now.

If not what was your favourite book you read that wasn’t quite five star?

This answer follows a similar one to the previous question as I may not have a favorite yet, but I do have a few novels that I have greatly enjoyed.

In addition to the two novels in the previous answer, two others that I loved were Married by Sunday and Yes & I Love You. I am not sure if there will be another novel in Sarah Ready’s series this year (or at all), but there is the third novel in the one for Roni Loren along with the second novel that I still need to read.

If another novel does not surpass any of these four, then I can definitely call them favorites, but, as it is only April, I feel there are millions more novels that could potentially take the title for 2022.

Any 1 star books / least favourite book of the year?

Interestingly enough, my two lowest-rated novels came from the same series, Little Bridge Island. Each with 2.25 out of 5 for my ratings after writing their respective reviews.

The reasons these two novels did not work for me are different even though they are part of the same series. The teaser intro novella, Bridal Boot Camp, is less than 100 pages and barely scratches the surface for the main couple. For me, it could have been omitted from the series and I do not notice a difference. Now for the second novel in the series, No Offense, this was a case where the main character affected my enjoyment of the story. I am sure others will like Molly, but she really was not the character for me.

Most read genre so far?

I actually do not track my genres well, so I have to count them to be certain, but I am fairly confident that romance is the top genre.

I read a lot of slice-of-life, women’s fiction, historical and contemporary. Some have romance elements and others do not. I also read A LOT of fantasy novels whether they are for younger/middle grade, young adult, or adult audiences. Some of these follow a similar pattern where some have romance and others do not. Since romance tends to be an element within many of my novels in 2022, I think this can be labeled my most read genre.

A book that surprised you?

There are a few stories that surprised me as they could have been ones where I went in with high expectations and they let me know and there are others where the opposite was true.

A Letter to Three Witches had a story and characters that were all enjoyable, but the surprising element came in the form of Griz, who is a cat and was given his own POV in the story.

Bad Luck Bridesmaid seemed like it would be a light-hearted and entertaining read. While the story included these elements, the story went into a lot more emotion, which made it a surprising read.

Book that’s come out in 2022 already that you want to read but haven’t yet?

Below are six novels that have been published in the last few months and they do not come close to scratching the surface of the ones that I still want to read. I am sure most avid reads feel this way as there are too many novels than there is time, so my TBR grows exponentially by the day and I never seem to make a dent in the list.

Published March 29th, 2022
Published February 22nd, 2022
Published February 22nd, 2022
Published January 1st, 2022
Published February 22nd, 2022
Published March 29th, 2022

One goal you made that you’re succeeding at?

Two of my goals in 2022 were to complete my reading challenges and to reduce my TBR. While my TBR does continue to grow, I actually am doing well in reducing many of my backlist titles.

I have tons of novels that I have been meaning to read including many series like Throne of Glass and The Lunar Chronicles. I am currently working on both of these along with many others, so I consider myself succeeding in these goals.

One goal you made you need to focus on?

I think the goal that I need to focus on is the same one I consider myself succeeding at as I would like to continue to work on my TBR.

There are many novels that I need to start and many series that I need to continue, so I would like to focus on reading and/or listening to more novels and discovering new stories and authors.

I invite anyone who would like to answer these with their own responses to consider themselves tagged.

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