~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #14 ~

This week I managed to complete four novels – one ARC and three audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

So This is Love (Twisted Tales #9)

Audiobook Review


ARC Review

The Dating Plan (Marriage Game #2)

Audiobook Review

A Lot Like Adios (Primas of Power #2)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

This week has been a slower reading week as work, life, and everything between distracted me from actually reading. Since I listen to audiobooks usually during the workday, I at least was able to read a few stories. I still have many ebooks that I am working on, so I am hopeful that I can read them this weekend.

The Dating Plan and A Lot Like Adios were interesting to complete one after the other as they essentially have the same premise. Each feature a falling out when the man suddenly disappears from the woman’s life when they are teenagers only to reappear again over a decade later and the characters are forced to confront each other. While they are both technically second-chance romances, I would only count the latter as one since the first does not feature an actual initial relationship. Due to this the first was not for me as I just could not connect to the idea of the two characters together. The second is not perfect either, but the characters did at least have a better foundation.

So This is Love was a surprise in the Twisted Tales series as it was a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated. It took the Cinderella Disney story and updated the story just enough where there were still many sweet fairy tale aspects. Immortelle was an ARC that was also a twist on the Cinderella story. This novel gave a story a much darker twist as the prince and Cinder Ella get married. While some elements were expected based on the trigger warnings and blurb, there were still many unexpected twists.

For next week, I do not have a general plan of what I want to read next. I do have some ARCs and a million backlist titles that I want to read, so it is just a matter of selecting one and completing it. Additionally to new series and standalones, I have multiple series that I am working on, although I cannot select which ones I want to continue with next. I will have to see what I end up with this weekend, if any.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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