~ Monthly Wrap-Up: APRIL ~

This month I completed 22 novels – 13 were audiobooks and nine were ebooks (seven were ARCs and two were backlist titles).

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

REVIEW POSTS: Four to Five Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Three to Four Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Two to Three Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Zero to Two Donuts


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This month I have completed a few ARCs that I have been meaning to read. All of them were great and I look forward to reading more from each author. With the TBR Knockout Challenge, I continued with the Marriage Game series to help complete one of the prompts. While I was not a fan of the second novel, The Dating Plan, in the series, I enjoyed the third and final, The Singles Table. For the other prompt, I was able to begin The Lunar Chronicles series which I have been meaning to read for a long time. Cinder was an excellent first novel and I am currently working my way through the second, Scarlet.

I am slowly working my through some of my current series along with starting new series and standalones. Sometimes I am in the mood to read and/or listen to novels in a series back to back and other times I am in the mood to mix them up a little, so I will have to see how finishing the remaining series goes for me.

In May, I do not have any goals aside from continuing to read, but I do have one blogging goal as I want to catch-up on my FairyLoot unboxings since I have two boxes left.

I hope everyone had a great April and will have an excellent May!

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