~ The ABC Book Challenge: “P” ~

Welcome to my fifteenth post for the ABC Challenge! 

I am not sure who the creator of this challenge is as I do not recall seeing a link on others’ posts. If you know who it is, I will be happy to add their credits. The rules are simple as each post contains one letter of the alphabet and contains memorable reads from the past and novels from your TBR.

For this challenge, I decided to mix up my order using a random letter generator. Instead of going alphabetically, I will post based on the letter chosen by the generator. As there may be repeats, I am not sure if I want to select a new letter or just post the letter given by the generator, so I will have to decide once that situation occurs. I am also still working on if I want to make this a weekly post or if I want to spread out the posts.

Today’s Letter: P

I had multiple stories that featured the word “Princess” or “Prince” in the title, but I tried to limit it, so the whole list featured a wider variety of titles. I did end up featuring two “Part of Your World” as each feature different types of stories despite sharing a title.

Memorable Titles That Start With the Letter “P”

  • People We Meet on Vacation – While I am in the minority for readers in regards to liking the romance, I loved the friendship between the two main characters in this story.
  • (The) Poppy War (The Poppy War #1) – There is a lot going on in this story and this novel provided a great start to the series.
  • Portrait of a Scotsman (League of Extraordinary Women #3) – This novel was another entertaining addition to the series. I like how the historical romance portion of the story weaves together with the exploration of the suffrage movement and can’t wait to read more.
  • Part of Your World (Twisted Tales #5) – This novel was a quick read and enjoyable in theory, but it just did not quite work for me. Since the series is enjoyable as a whole, I like that I gave this story a chance.

Books on My TBR that Start With the Letter “P”

(The) Paid Bridesmaid
Part of Your World
Plain Bad Heroines
(A) Perfect Equation (Secret Scientists of London #2)
Phoebe (The Bellamy Sisters #1)
Pride and Premeditation (Jane Austen Murder Mystery #1)
(The) Prison Healer (The Prison Healer #1)

Have you read any of the novels mentioned above or are they on your TBR?

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