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I honestly do not remember which blog I found this on as I saw it and copied the questions over for a post and then forgot about it. As I am going through my scheduled/draft posts, I am trying to clean up and either complete or delete posts to try and organize the behind the scenes parts of my blog. Since it is the end of Spring, I decided to finally complete this post before the summer ones begin. All of my answers for the completed/non-TBR novels feature books that I read within the last few months as my Spring reading.

What’s on your Spring TBR list?

Published April 12th 2022
Published June 7th 2022 
Published May 17th 2022 
Published April 19th 2022 
Expected publication: June 28th 2022
Published May 3rd 2022 

I still have a ton of novels on my TBR from Spring and beyond. These six novels are all eagerly anticipated and I still somehow have not read them yet. All of these authors have been ones that I greatly enjoyed their stories. Some of their novels may not have been for me, but I still cannot read any new works by any of them.

If someone asked you for a spring release recommendation, what would it be?

Published May 3rd 2022

I have read a lot of amazing new releases this spring, so it was difficult to select only one. When I was trying to think of which novel to select for this question, I ultimately landed on Tear Down the Throne.

The Gargoyle Queen series and my reading style just fit very well together. I love all of the characters and the political intrigue. There is danger, romance, and mystery all weaved together in this story and I cannot wait until next year when the final novel is released!

Which two books coming out before summer are you eagerly awaiting?

Published May 3rd 2022 

I loved If the Shoe Fits, the first novel in the Meant to Be series, and I am very excited to see Guillory’s take on her installment in the series with By the Book.

Out of the Blue caught my attention as it features non-binary mermaids plus this cover just kept appearing everywhere. I cannot wait to give this novel a try myself.

Published May 31st 2022

Which character would make a great Easter bunny? 

I could not think of an answer for this one, so I will unfortunately skip it. I am sure there is one that eventually will come to mind, but I am drawing a blank for this question.

What book makes you think of spring?

Published May 3rd 2022
Published March 17th 2022 
Published March 22nd 2022  
Published April 5th 2022

Spring makes me think of weddings since they are extremely popular this time of year. I decided to include four novels that I read over these past few months that were all about weddings in one way or another.

 Name a cover with flowers on it. 

Published March 16th 2022

I love Rebecca Garcia’s novels, so far, so I decided to select her spring release, Shadow Kissed.

This novel not only fits the prompt with red flowers on the front, but it features an amazing introduction to the Marked by Blood series.

Which two characters would you go on an Easter egg hunt with?

Published January 25th 2022

While both of these novels were published before 2022, I did read them this spring.

Hyeon from The Red Palace is my first choice for her ability to tactfully solve a mystery, so I am sure she would be good to hunt eggs with. My other choice is Cinder from Cinder as she is very clever and amenable where she would make an excellent egg hunting partner.

Published January 3rd 2012

What is your favorite spring bookish activity?

My favorite bookish activity any time of the year is to actually read. I love experiencing new stories whether they are in audiobooks or printed forms.

Which book did you enjoy that has a spring-like cover?

Expected publication: July 19th 2022
Published May 10th 2022
Published April 5th 2022
Published March 8th 2022

All of these books make me think of spring in different ways. The Bodyguard has flowers, which are spring-like. Starry-Eyed Love has the lighter colors and a sweet romanctic scene which is spring-like. To Marry and to Meddle has spring-like colors and a romance cover. Finally, The Suite Spot has a nice outdoor spring-like setting.

Who is your favorite contemporary author?

I do not have a favorite author as there are tons out there that I enjoy. Some of my top contemporary ones are: Christina Lauren, Jasmine Guillory, and Emily Henry, to name a few.

I invite anyone who would like to answer these with their own responses to consider themselves tagged.

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