~ Series of the Month: Fable ~

I actually came across Lucy’s blog (Book Blogger) where she created a “Series Saturday” monthly feature post. Each month she chooses one series to feature whether it is one that is completed or one that is still in progress. As I have tons of series that fit both of those categories, I decided to try out this type of post myself. I am very excited to put posts together for one series per month. I may update it to another timeline, but, for now, I am going to do this monthly.

This month’s series is:


(#0) – Expected publication: November 29th 2022
(#0.5) – Published August 2021
(#1) – Published September 1st 2020
(#2) – Published March 16th 2021
(#2.5) – Published September 7th 2021

About the Series –

This series began with Book 1 (Fable), which introduced the world of the Narrows filled with pirates and adventures and the main character Fable. Her tale expands across Book 1 (Fable) and 2 (Namesake) to create a duology. Adrienne Young then expanded the series to include other locations and characters featured in the duology to create a larger series. Book 0.5 (Tides) is a prequel story following Paj and Auster along with the inclusion of the Roth crime family. Bryn Roth becomes the main character of Book 2.5 (The Last Legacy), which can be read as a standalone. Now another prequel novel, Book #0 (Saint) will be published this year to give readers another prequel story of a memorable character.

Why I Chose This Series –

Fable (My Review) begins nicely with a slow build-up of the characters, setting, and story. It was a very captivating novel where I loved the development of the characters and plot. The story leaves some questions to be answered in the sequel and the romance is just beginning in this book, which made it an excellent opener. Namesake (My Review) continues the story with the same set of characters and nicely wraps up their tale. While I enjoyed Fable more than Namesake, I loved the duology as a whole. I actually haven’t read Tides yet, so I do not know how it works together in the story. As for The Last Legacy (My Review), I love that this standalone story ties together with the original duology, but you could read it alone without the other two novels. As this was a single story of Bryn, I wish it was expanded into a duology as there was a lot packed in and not enough exploration. Saint was a very fascinating character in the duology, so I am very excited to read the prequel novel when it is released in November!

Have you read the Fable series or is it on your TBR?

If so, what did you think of the novel(s)?

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