Audiobook Review: Of Mist and Murder (Daughters of Eville #5)

Published June 22nd 2021 

Author: Chanda Hahn

Narrator: Jesse Vilinsky

Audiobook Length: 11 hours 2 minutes

Something evil this way comes.
7 Vengeful Sisters
7 Fairytale Kingdoms
7 Daughters of Eville

Captured by an evil sorcerer, I’m forced to become his apprentice and learn forbidden magic. Teetering on the edge between good and evil, I trade my soul for power. Allemar wants to control me, but little does he know the shifter he’s caged– is not easily tamed.

My training draws me closer to Aspen, the forsaken prince, wanted for treason against the crown. My sisters have always feared him, but I can see the man beneath the cloak of hate.

For I am Maeve, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville. I hunt the truth, seeking the one who murders my shifter friends. But what will I do when all evidence points to Aspen and the dark magic he wields?

Unleash the beast within.

Of Mist and Murder is the fifth novel in the Daughters of Eville series. This story follows the fifth daughter, Maeve, who has shifting powers. As each story is a retelling, I believe this one is supposed to be Swan Lake as there were elements that were similar between the two tales. This story also follows Aspen, Rosalie’s brother and was introduced earlier in the series and the apprentice of Allemar. Maeve has been captured by Allemar in her raven form where he wants to recruit her into an alliance.

Throughout the story, Maeve discovers more about shifters. As it takes place in the kingdom of Florin, the reader also gets to explore the past of the setting and how it fits into the characters’ own past. While Allemar was the villain present throughout the series, there were other centralized villains in the previous four novels. This novel kept the focus primarily on Allemar and the characters working towards finding a way to defeat him. Aspen has been a character present in the background of the other stories, so it was interesting to see his character be explored in further depth.

The pacing of the story was fairly fast where there is a lot going on at any given moment. Each story in the series focuses on each daughter while also having the connecting plot that runs between them. This story has taken a lot of the elements introduced in the previous stories and sets up the final two novels in the series. As there are only two novels in the series, I will be curious to find out the author’s overall plan. There initially seems to be one direction, but there are elements by the end where I cannot predict how the last two novels will go. The romance that develops between Aspen and Maeve was very enjoyable, but I wish that it was explored a little more as it progressed a little fast. This one was enjoyable as it was an intriguing read. I cannot wait to see what the final two novels in the series holds and how it will all come together in the end!

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