Audiobook Review: The Hookup Plan (The Boyfriend Project #3) (ARC)

Expected publication: August 2nd 2022

Author: Farrah Rochon

Narrator: Marissa Hampton

Audiobook Length: 10 hours 15 minutes

Strong female friendships and a snappy enemies-to-lovers theme take center stage in this highly anticipated romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author of The Dating Playbook.

Successful pediatric surgeon London Kelley just needs to find some balance and de-stress. According to her friends Samiah and Taylor, what London really needs is a casual hookup. A night of fun with no strings. But no one–least of all London–expected it to go down at her high school reunion with Drew Sullivan, millionaire, owner of delicious abs, and oh yes, her archnemesis.Now London is certain the road to hell is paved with good sex. Because she’s found out the real reason Drew’s back in Austin: to decide whether her beloved hospital remains open. Worse, Drew is doing everything he can to show her that he’s a decent guy who actually cares. But London’s not falling for it. Because while sleeping with the enemy is one thing, falling for him is definitely not part of the plan.

The Boyfriend Project (#1)
The Dating Playbook (#2)
The Hookup Plan (#3)

The Hookup Plan is the third standalone story in The Boyfriend Project series. This story follows pediatric surgeon London Kelley, who is in her final year of residency at a hospital in Austin. Her two friends, Samiah and Taylor each already had their own stories with The Boyfriend Project for Samiah Brooks and The Dating Playbook for Taylor Powell. Since I have not read the first two in the series, I will have to check out the other two stories shortly. 

London goes to attend her 15-year high school reunion, which for me started off thinking that my school has never done those as they do only one at ten years, so it was cool to think that other schools could have them. At the reunion she runs into her high school rival, Drew Sullivan, a hedge fund manager. The two hook up and London believes that it will be the last time she will see Drew. As it turns out, Drew is tasked with helping turn the finances of London’s hospital around to keep it a county institute. As London sees sex with Drew as stress relief and Drew has been in love with London since high school, the two create a hook-up alliance where they will be together as long as Drew remains in town.

I tried to keep giving London chances, but she never, unfortunately grew on me as a character. She dominated the first sexual encounter with Drew where it came across as manipulation. A patient’s mother expresses concern about the cost of care her child is receiving and London just says the hospital will work with her. This is an out of touch comment where the provider does not have a clue about the actual cost of care even with insurance. The whole premise of the novel is that London works with Drew to help save the hospital, so it seemed odd at first that she was not more versed on hospital finance basics, whether they be county, private, or public. Throughout almost every interaction with Drew, she reminded him that they were enemies 15 years ago.

Overall, I loved the concept of this story on paper. There is a lot to love as London is a black woman who is underestimated in her field. The whole hospital issues, such as the misogyny was nicely incorporated. She has her own health issues plus a rough relationship with her family. Drew has his own issues that he is working through. The two characters start as enemies (at least on London’s side) to lovers where feelings start to form. The writing itself was enjoyable and the pacing was nice, although the second half went a little slow for my taste. As this is my first novel by the author, this story may not have been entirely for me, but there is a lot to love and to make me want to continue reading more from the author in the future.

**I give a special thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this entertaining novel. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**

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