Audiobook Review: Furysong (The Aurelian Cycle #3)

 Published August 9th 2022

Author: Rosaria Munda

Narrators: Christian Coulson (Lee), Candice Moll (Annie), Aidan Kelly (Griff), Anthony Mark Barrow (Delo), & Steve West (Main Narrator)

Audiobook Length: 16 hours 15 minutes

In this explosive conclusion to the epic trilogy that began with Fireborne, Annie and Lee are fighting for their lives—and for each other—as invading dragonfire threatens to burn their home to the ground.

A new revolution is underway, and nobody will emerge unscathed.

In New Pythos, Griff is facing an execution by the dragonborn, who are furious at his betrayal. He has allies on both sides seeking to defy his fate, but the price of his freedom might come at a dear cost. And Delo will have to make a choice: follow his family, or finally surrender to his conscience.

Meanwhile, Annie must race home to hatch a plan to save her Guardians and their dragons. With Callipolis on the brink of collapse and the triarchy set to be reinstated, she may be the one person who can save the city—if she can overcome her own doubts about her future.

Lee is a revolutionary at heart, but now he’ll have to find a way to fight with diplomacy. Going up against the dragonborn court and a foreign princess, he faces a test of loyalty that sets his head against his heart.

As the fate of Callipolis darkens, Annie and Lee must determine what they are willing to sacrifice in order to save each other, defeat their enemies, and reclaim their home. 

For those interested in these novels, the author, Rosaria Munda, came up with a playlist for each novel in ‘The Aurelian Cycle’ trilogy. The playlist encapsulates her feelings about each of the three books, whether she listened to them while writing or they matched a character or moment. [You can listen to it here.]

World Map from Author’s Site (Click Photo to Access)

Furysong was an excellent conclusion to The Aurelian Cycle trilogy. Here the revolution is taking place where it gives the new side where there is hope on the horizon. There is a lot of political maneuvering and exploration of how to make the new regime better than the one before it. There continue to be a lot of dragons in this novel, including our main two, Aela and Pallor. I loved how they are paired with Annie and Lee and their relationships all intertwine with each other.

There continues to be multiple POVs in this story, which means the readers follow all sides of the tale. I love how it expanded beyond since just Annie and Lee from the first novel as there is a lot happening now that the plot has expanded. Annie and Lee continue to be very important as they are the main characters, but I enjoy that the other characters, such as Griff, and now Delo, can also show what is happening in another part of the world. While I loved Delo’s arc, it was difficult to follow as his overlaps some with Griff’s and there was not a ton of time to become attached to either.

The side characters, such as Crissa, Freyda, of course, Power, were all well-done in their own way. Delo and Griff were a cute pair and I enjoyed their romance. Annie and Lee continue to be standouts as they each have their own paths, but still have an incredible amount of love for each other. The world continues to expand, and each character has their own journey. It is amazing how well everything expanded outside of the Callipolis that was the center of the first story and weaves together for everything to make sense. The pacing continued to work well, although this was slower than many other final novels in a trilogy that I have previously read. The ending worked for this series, although the same style may not have been the same if it was done for another. I enjoyed this part of Munda’s writing as it made sense for this series’ plot and characters. Overall, this was an excellent series and I look forward to experiencing more from Munda in the future!

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