~ Book Tag: Halloween Book Covers ~

Happy Halloween! I actually was busy with Halloween parties and just enjoying the nice fall weather, so I fell slightly behind with scrolling through other blogs as I enjoy seeing what my fellow bloggers are up to! I came across this tag last minute on Yolanda’s blog (@Past Midnight), so I highly recommend her blog as it is one of my go-to ones! The tag was originally created by Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight.


The majority of my “spooky” Halloween-type books would fit under this prompt, so I decided to go with one my favorites, which was Spellbound.



Rainbow Rowell is a new-to-me author that has been on my TBR for a long time. Pumpkinheads ended up on my TBR, but is unfortunately, still unread. As this is a 2019 novel, I hope to eventually get to it soon as I slowly work my back through my endless TBR list.


Similar to skulls on covers, I have a lot of novels featuring blood. As Red Queen is the first novel that popped into my head when I thought of this prompt, I decided to select it.

Spider, Bats, or other Creepy Creatures:

Even though snakes can be cute, they usually fall under the creepy and/or scary category for creatures. Because of this, I went with Kingdom of the Wicked for this prompt.

Something Witchy:

I have multiple novels about witches, so I went with Black Witch Magic, which featured a fun witch story along with a sweet romance.

Severed Body Part:

Read, not reviewed

I had some difficulty landing on a novel for this prompt. I finally choose The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which has a severed body part (missing head) on the cover.

Full Moon:

This is a series that I keep meaning to return to as I have not read beyond the third. Fool Moon nicely fits the full moon prompt as it is not only featured on the cover, but is a central part of the story.


Cemetery Boys is my favorite, so far, by Aiden Thomas and also one of my top novels. I loved this novel as the mystery, setting, and characters were all nicely done, so I am glad there was an actual cemetery on the cover and I could feature it for one of the prompts (it could also fit a few other categories, too).

Haunted house:

What We Devour features a mysterious door that holds back the Vile, which nicely fits the haunted house theme as this gave the main castle setting a nice spooky-vibe.


Anna Dressed in Blood is my most recent ghost read. I loved the character of Anna as the main ghost of the story and it was a great read for the Halloween-season.

Classic Monster (vampire, werewolf, mummy, etc.):

Since there were tons of options for this category, I went with Shadow Kissed, which features vampires. This is actually a series that I need to continue as I still need to read the second novel.



Dangerous Creatures is a 2014 novel that has randomly been added and removed from my TBR for a long time. It is currently still on my TBR, so I hope I eventually read it as it is now back on my radar thanks to this post.

Someone in a Costume/Mask:

Read, but not reviewed

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the first novels that I think of when it comes to someone wearing a mask. While not all the covers actually feature Erik wearing the mask, there are multiple editions, including the one above, that have it.

Orange and Black:

Most of my black and orange covers feature fire as the orange, so I decided to go with it and select on of them for this category. Together We Burn was a nice standalone novel that nicely fits with its black and orange cover.

Something Creepy:

The atmospheric cover of Fallen is what first drew me to read it. The creepy-like setting on the cover along with the pose and vibe of the girl all nicely fit the “something creepy” category.

This was a very fun post as I got to revisit some of my past novels and look at some additional TBR novels. I cannot wait to eat some more Reese’s as this is what we have to hand out for trick-or-treaters this year. I am hopeful there will not be as many this year just so I can sneak some more candy for myself. As Halloween is a Monday this year, it does not have quite the celebratory vibe as other years, but it at least is finally cloudy today, which helps give it a slightly more apt feeling.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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