~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #44 ~

This week I managed to complete six novels – one ARC and five audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2)

Audiobook Review

The Princess Pact (The Four Kingdoms #3)

Audiobook Review

A Midwinter’s Wedding (The Four Kingdoms #3.5)

Audiobook Review

All This Time

Audiobook Review

The Christmas Trip (Christmas Romance #2)

ARC Review

Blood of Troy (Daughter of Sparta #2)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

I am excited that I already had the opportunity to check off my first TBR Knockout novel for November! I also am slowly making my way through The Four Kingdoms series and I hope to move to the companion series Beyond the Four Kingdoms soon. As we are now in November, I will probably attempt to integrate some Christmas/holiday novels to get started on my other reading challenge. Slowly, I am also making my way through the Backlist Reading Challenge and just need to match more of the prompts to some of my past reads. I do not think I will have all 52 before the end of the year, but I hope to at least complete as many as I can by the end of the year. I will have to see how this all goes since I am a mood reader and sometimes the novels that fall under these prompts fit my mood perfectly and other times they don’t, so I will have to see how it goes for the next few weeks at least.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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