~ Series of the Month: Elfhame ~

I actually came across Lucy’s blog (Book Blogger) where she created a “Series Saturday” monthly feature post. Each month she chooses one series to feature whether it is one that is completed or one that is still in progress. As I have tons of series that fit both of those categories, I decided to try out this type of post myself. I am very excited to put posts together for one series per month. I may update it to another timeline, but, for now, I am going to do this monthly.

This month’s series is:


(#1) – Published January 2nd 2018 
(#1.5) – Published October 2nd 2018
(#2) – Published January 8th 2019 
(#3) – Published November 19th 2019
(#3.5) – Published November 24th 2020
(#1) – Expected publication: January 3rd 2023
(#2) – Expected publication: 2024

About the Series –

There are actually two mini series. Folk of the Air covers the story of Jude and Cardan. The Stolen Heir duology is about Suren and Oak. While Carden and Jude (plus the other familiar characters) may appear in the duology, the two series may be read separately. However, both the Folk of the Air series and Stolen Heir duology go together in the all-encompassing Elfhame universe/series.

Why I Chose This Series –

The Folk of the Air series was on that was recommended to me for years, but I kept forgetting about it and assumed it would not live up to the hype. I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating the series became and love all of the characters. The Cruel Prince was a nice introduction to the world. The Lost Sisters was a novella that tried to give more insight into some characters, but did not make me like a certain one more. The Wicked King really cemented my love for the series and, at the time, was one my top second novels in a trilogy. The Queen of Nothing was a fantastic end to the main series! The follow-up novella, How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, was a fantastic and gorgeous edition. The story is not only filled with multiple stories from Cardan’s POV, but also has many amazing illustrations! Now that the Stolen Heir duology finally has a cover for the first novel, I am beyond excited to return to the Elfhame world. It will be difficult to wait until 2024 to complete it with the concluding novel, but I am very curious how the author will manage after a fantastic first part to the Elfhame series!

Have you read the Elfhame series or is it on your TBR?

If so, what did you think of the novel(s)?

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