~ #Bookvent 2022 – Top Reads Countdown – Day Four ~

Welcome to my 2nd annual Bookvent Countdown!

This annual countdown goes from December 1st until Christmas with one share per day (like an advent calendar). Rules: (1) Published in 2022 and (2)a five-star read

Similar to last year, I am slightly following the two rules. My 25-book countdown will still only include those novels published in 2022, but they will range in rating from 4.25 to 5. This year I am trying to create my posts early for this series as December is busy with my other reading challenges plus life in general, so it will only include reads from January to November. I have a final end-of-year top reads annual list, so any December reads will most likely be included there.

#Bookvent DAY 4

Shadow Kissed (Marked by Blood #1) by Rebecca Garcia

Published March 16th 2022

Some fates belong to the shadows…

Everyone at the guild is on high alert, but no one will tell Olivia why. She thought it was somehow tied to the death of her boyfriend, but the truth is far more grisly.

Darkness has come to the mortal kingdom.

Captured by a vampire named Sebastian, who insists he’s protecting her, she’s taken to the horrific City of Nightmares. As she fights to survive in a world where mortals are fed on or traded, Olivia must place her trust in Sebastian, if she hopes to survive. Can she escape the clutches of her bloody destiny, or will she succumb to the dark shadows?

Delve into the dark and delicious world of vampires and mortals in Shadow Kissed, a new adult fantasy romance by Rebecca L. Garcia! 


Rebecca Garcia has become one of my top authors as I have loved everything she has written, so far. This novel was a great start to the series and I cannot wait to read more. The one standout, for me, with Garcia’s work is that some predictable elements that may bother me in novels are written well enough to the point where I end up loving them. While this may not be the case for every reader, this standout, especially in a novel like this where there are sorceresses and vampires that have been done many times before, and I find myself loving it from start to finish.

Find It On: Goodreads / Amazon

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Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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