~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #50 ~

This week I managed to complete eleven novels – three backlist ebooks and eight audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Meet Me in London (Meet Me #1)

Book Review

Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky #2)

Audiobook Review

Covet (Crave #3)

Audiobook Review

Practical Magic (Practical Magic #1)

Audiobook Review

All I Want For Christmas

Book Review

The Secret of Snow

Audiobook Review

Santa Cruise

Audiobook Review

Winter Street (Winter Street #1)

Book Review

Winter Stroll (Winter Street #2)

Audiobook Review

Winter Storms (Winter Street #3)

Audiobook Review

Winter Solstice (Winter Street #4)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Eight novels from this past week were holiday themed with four of them being the same series. I’ve enjoyed elements of most of them, although some of them did not quite follow through on their execution to deliver a complete story. Each novel was from my backlist TBR and part of my goal reads for the end of the year. I still have quite a few holiday and non-holiday novels that I want to read still, so I will have to see how that goes in the next few weeks.

I have made some progress with the Reindeer Readathon and I hope to finish my seventh over the weekend. Most of my novels will be mostly related to my remaining reading challenges including my Christmas Reading Challenge and my TBR Knockout Challenge. Aside from my challenge reads, I have random other novels that I want to try, too. There are always so many novels and no time, so I need to try and carve out some time just to read.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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