~ Monthly Wrap-Up: DECEMBER & Yearly Wrap-up ~

For the final month of the year, I managed to read/review 30 books, which were mostly backlist titles from my TBR and some ARCs.

Below is my wrap-up for December alone and then I discuss my reads for 2022 and goals for 2023 at the end.

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

REVIEW POSTS: Four to Five Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Three to Four Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Two to Three Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Zero to Two Donuts

My Weekly Posts:

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#Bookvent Countdown

Spell the Month in Books


Books Read = 300

Pages Read = 113,054

Average Book Length in 2022 = 376 pages

My average rating for 2022 = 3.7

2022 was another great year for reading. I may have read less books compared to last year, but I still read more than I thought and I enjoyed most of them. For the ones that I did not enjoy as much, I still like that I gave them a try and hope to try many more in 2023.

My reading goal for 2023 is to just keep reading great stories. For Goodreads, I am setting my number at 200, but I will be okay if I do not reach this goal. I am excited to try the TBR Knockout, Beat the Backlist, Reindeer Readathon, Audiobook Challenge, and Christmas Challenge again next year as I greatly enjoyed them this year!


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