~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #01 ~

This week I managed to complete eight novels – three ARCs, two backlist ebooks and three audiobooks.

~ My Reviews ~

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night (#1)

ARC Review

Soul of the Deep (Skin of the Sea #2)

Audiobook Review

A Guide to Being Just Friends (Jansen Brothers #3)

ARC Review

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)

Audiobook Review

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries

ARC Review

A Very Large Expanse of Sea

Book Review

Kingdom of the Feared (Kingdom of the Wicked #3)

Audiobook Review

Cinderella is Dead

Book Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Happy 2023! This week I got a fantastic jump start on my 2023 reading as I managed to complete some ARCs that I have been putting off. I still have a few that I want to get to soon, especially as some of them will be published this month.

I am excited to try both the TBR Knockout Reading Challenge and the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge again this year! I got a lot of backlist titles that were collecting dust on my TBR read and I cannot wait to try out more of them this year. Another challenge that I thought of joining was the Popsugar Reading challenge as, I believe, this includes novels published in any year, which means I can mix and match the prompts to any novel. I am still unsure if I even want to look into it, but it may be a fun extra challenge for the year. I will have to see how my reading goes as this week was lighter in terms of life commitments, so I shall see how next week goes!

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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