~ ThursTAG: The Book Blogger Memory Challenge ~

I saw this tag a lot last year and decided to finally give it a try. The tag was originally created by Laura @ Laura’s Book Review.

The Rules

  • You have to answer the prompts without using the internet or looking at your bookshelves.
  • Your answers have to all come from memory!
  • Make sure to link to the person who originally tagged you
  • Once you’re done, you can tag five other people if you’d like.
Name a book written by an author called Michael.

I know there must be a ton of authors out there with this name, but my mind only managed to come up with Michael Crichton.

Name a book with a dragon on the cover.

The Aurelian Cycle trilogy is full of amazing dragons, so I knew each of the covers had at least one on the cover.

Name a book about a character called George

This one was a definite challenge, but I luckily read Winter Street recently where one of the players in this larger cast was named George.

Name a book written by an author with the surname Smith

This one was similar to the Michael prompt where I know there are more that I know, but my memory only managed to select one (Sarah Smith) for this answer.

Name a book set in Australia

A few novels actually came to mind for this one, but The Christmas Swap was the one I thought of first.

Name a book with the name of a month in the title

The Ten Thousand Doors of January was a recent read, so it became the first I thought of for this prompt.

Name a book with a knife on the cover

I know there are tons on my TBR and read lists, but the one that came to me first was To Kill a Kingdom.

Name a book with the word ‘one’ in the title

While the novel itself was disappointing to me, One to Watch still had a memorable title and concept.

Name a book with a eponymous title

This is a novel that I am currently working on, so it was an easy choice.

Name a book turned into a movie

Not only is the novel extremely memorable, but the movie (and TV adaption) were fantastic.

This was a fun book tag! To make this post, I first just answered the prompts and then found the corresponding covers on Goodreads. I was surprised that I was able to come up with an answer for each considering my memory isn’t always amazing.

I invite anyone who wants to participate to consider themselves tagged!

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