~ ThursTAG: Bookish Valentine’s Day Tag ~

I’m back with another tag for this week. I randomly came across this tag and decided to give it a try.


  1. Link back to this post and mention Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves as the creator of this tag.
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you and thank them!
  3. Answer the questions (of course!)
  4. Tag as many people as you want (usually 5-10).

1. What book(s) have you been given as a gift that you loved? 

I have been given plenty of novels and it is difficult to narrow it down from the entire list. I went with Tolkien’s novel, The Fall of Numenor, as it is one of the lastest novels that I have received.

2. What book(s) would you like to give as a gift to someone else?

The Song of Achilles is a solid novel that has been one of my favorites among the newer releases. I have classics like Jane Austin, etc., but this novel is the one that came to my mind first to give as a gift.

3. If you could gift a random person any bookish item, what would it be?

It will definitely depend on the person for gift buying, but a bookish item that I enjoy are book sleeves. Originally, I did not even think of using them, but ever since I received some in my Fairyloot boxes, I have used them and loved them.

4. If you could gift a random person any non-bookish item, what would it be?

This one also greatly depends on the person, but one non-bookish item I gave as a gift was an Avatar: the Last Airbender tumbler.

5. What do you say when a person gives you a gift you don’t like?

I think this would depend on what the gift was and also who gave it to me. If it is someone I am very close with, I may hint or be direct that the gift wasn’t for me, but usually I like almost anything and just enjoy the thought behind the gift rather than the gift itself.

6. Mention a book based around Valentine’s Day.

The Do-Over is one novel on my TBR that I want to read that happens to be set on Valentine’s Day.

7. Mention any two tips for blogging as a gift to other bloggers and to those who may want to start a blog.

Even though I have been blogging for a bit, I still like I just started, so I am not sure on any tips to give to others.

I think the two main things that I follow myself are to not put any pressure on yourself and to just keep the joy of reading alive. For both I essentially just want to make sure that reading/blogging stays something I love and does not feel like a chore.

8. Link to some posts by other bloggers that you loved or were very helpful.

There are tons of blogs that I love reading where there are way too many to list them all and I don’t want to forget any if I even make the attempt. All I know is that if you are looking for helpful or new blogs, don’t just focus on popular ones. While those are amazing and I follow quite a few of them, some blogs that may not even have any followers yet may have some really cool content.

This was a very enjoyable tag as there was bookish questions with some non-. While reading the questions, I had a million answers that ran through my head for each, so I hope some of the answers actually convey what was in my head. Either way, I tag anyone who wants to give this post a try.

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