~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week #08 ~

This week I managed to complete four novels – three ARCs and one audiobook.

~ My Reviews ~

Not Your Ex’s Hexes (Supernatural Singles #2)

ARC Review

A Half-Baked Murder (Cannabis Café Mysteries #1)

ARC Review

Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner

ARC Review

Never Ever Getting Back Together

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

This week I restarted the Book Blogger Hopper meme after taking a brief hiatus. There are tons of memes and blog posts out there, so it is difficult keeping up with all of them. I need to get on top of things and try to batch create posts as I typically do them only a day or so ahead of time, so sometimes I fall behind. As for reading, I am averaging about four a week, which is less than previous years, but I think I will be up to my usual reading soon, or at least I hope.

Happy Reading! Thank you for reading my wrap-up!

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