~ Series of the Month: (FEBRUARY) Spoiler Alert ~

For this monthly post, I select one series to highlight. The series can either be complete or still in progress. Right now, I am just selecting some enjoyable ones at random, but, eventually, I may have a theme each month.

This month’s series is:


(#1) – Published October 6, 2020
(#2) – Published November 16, 2021
(#3) – Published November 15, 2022 

About the Series –

The series is tied together through the fictional fantasy television series, Gods of the Gates. For the first two novels, the male lead is an actor in the show and in the third, both are in the show. The premise not only follows some fun romance scenarios, but promotes happy plus-size romances where the lead characters are confident in who they are.

Why I Chose This Series –

The first novel in the series was my first novel by Olivia Dade. I loved that not only was the plus size female lead plus-size, but the male lead also had a learning disability. The way the two characters came together got me hooked on the series and I loved all three novels. The series is a great source for body positivity, especially the third one where both leads are plus-size! Male plus-size/fat leads are a rarity in almost every genre, so it was incredibly refreshing to read a story featuring a great character,

Have you read the Spoiler Alert series or is it on your TBR?

If so, what did you think of the novel(s)?

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