~ ThursTAG: The In or Out Book Tag ~

I saw this recently at Books Are 42, which traces back the tag to Once Upon an Ordinary. I am not sure if she is the creator, so I apologize for not crediting the actual creator.

1. Reading the Last Page First

OUT – I am not a fan of spoilers for anything, so I would not read the last page first.

2. Enemies to Lovers

IN – This is my ultimate romance trope and among my favorite ones overall. Usually, this involves some great chemistry and banter, so I love to read these types of stories.

3. Dream Sequences

OUT – I am not against them, but it is difficult for authors to integrate them well enough where it does not take you fully out of the main story.

4. Love Triangles

OUT – I am not fully against them, but they need to be written well for me to enjoy them. For me a good love triangle involves an actual choice for the main character and the two choices are not just one obvious choice and one just thrown in for conflict.

5. Cracked Spines

IN – While aesthetically, I love spines to remain new looking, I think a cracked spine is a good indication of a well loved book.

6. Back To My Small Town

IN – I love small town settings! When characters return to their small towns, they get to confront issues that they left behind, which usually creates some great stories.

7. Monsters Are Regular People

OUT – I actually cannot figure this question out, so I guess I am out since I do not know the question.

8. No Paragraph Breaks

OUT – I need breaks while reading so my brain can focus on each topic and also keep track of my place in case I am distracted.

9. Multi-Generational Sagas

IN – I like how these dramas usually play out on the page.

10. Re-reading

IN – I love to re-visit stories, especially the classics and favorites where I can read them again and again.

11. Artificial Intelligence

IN – I enjoy sci-fi stories, so artificial intelligence being included is great.

12. Drop Caps

IN – I love drop caps and think they had a fun decorative element to paragraphs, although I don’t want them in every single paragraph.

13. Happy Endings

IN – I love happy endings, especially in romances.

14. Plot Points That Only Converge At The End

IN – I love books that keep you hooked until the end. My only caveat is that I do not want it to be too rushed where it all gets thrown together at the end.

15. Detailed Magic Systems

IN – I love fantasy books that contain magic. As each author has their own magic system, I need them to be explored in detail so I can better understand it in my head while reading.

16. Classic Fantasy Races

IN – I love any and all fantasy novels, so, of course, I enjoy the classic character types being included.

17. Unreliable Narrators

IN – I love narrators that keep you guessing what is true and what is not. These are only fun, though, when they are written well, so this could potentially be changed to “out” as an answer.

18. Evil Protagonists

IN – I think this would be a fun twist on stories where the villain personality is the one as the protagonist.

19. The Chosen One

OUT – I read a lot of these stories, but this trope is difficult as it can be written as the only defining trait for the main character. I do not like when this is the only thing that makes the main character the protagonist, so this was a hard one to answer since there are chosen one stories that I enjoy.

20. When The Protagonist Dies

IN – Character deaths are not bad, but they need to make sense for the story.

21. Really Long Chapters

OUT – I do not like very long chapters and I do not like very short chapters. Since I do not always get to read a book in a single sitting, I generally read until the end of a chapter to find a stopping point. If the chapters are too long and I need to take a break, it is difficult to find a good place to quit for the night.

22. French Flaps

IN – I am indifferent to these types of covers.

23. Deckled Edges

IN – I do not think I want this for every type of book, but I think those are enjoyable to give a nice library feel.

24. Signed Copies By The Author

IN – I love signed copies by the author!

25. Dog-Earing Pages

OUT – I don’t like this as they can get creased too much where they don’t flatten back out again which makes it difficult to read those pages.

26. Chapter Titles Instead Of Numbers

OUT – I actually had to think about this one as I used to be a fan of both titles and numbers. I now favor numbers over titles as titles can sometimes give too much of the story away, which I do not like as I like to avoid spoilers.

I liked this tag as it made me think about some reader issues and genres that I do not always look at in detail. I may need to try this one again years in the future as I think my answers would have been different years ago and it would be interesting what they would be in the future.

3 thoughts on “~ ThursTAG: The In or Out Book Tag ~

  1. Hey, Kate here chiming in! I’m not the original creator, but since my original credit wasn’t clear enough, I wanted to apologize and clear the air. 😉 (I have since updated my post itself to ward off future confusion.)

    I grabbed the tag from Laura Tisdall and it was created by Rick Mac Donnell on his YouTube channel here


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