~ ThursTAG: Disney Parks Book Tag ~

I don’t recall where I saw this tag first, but I had a random note posted to myself with the questions and answers. To see the details, and credit the creator (Alexandra @ Reading by Starlight), I found her blog and I was pleasantly surprised that I was not the only one to match some novels for some of the prompts as some of our answers match.

The Mississippi River is at the center of a mystery is this fantasy novel that relates to the Fifth Mage War series. [My Review]

This was a great retelling of the Little Mermaid where the characters go on an adventure on the high seas. [My Review]

The setting plays a huge role in this story. When you add in the mysterious deaths and possible magical involvement, it has a great eerie vibe. [My Review]

This novel is a retelling of Peter Pan that transports the story from Neverland to the Chicago underground with interesting twists and turns. [My Review]

This story takes place in Alabama.

The Castle of Thorns is a great and unique Beauty and the Beast retelling that is set in a mysterious castle. [My Review]

The mysterious night circus, the magical illusions, and the mysterious competition all help to make up an excellent whimsical story. [My Review]

While part of the story takes place in the main town of Moose Springs in Alaska, the main premise is the characters trekking Mount Veil. [My Review]

In Spinning Silver, there is a lot of integration of Jewish culture into the story and characters. [My Review]

Illuminae is a space opera from what I can tell and how it has been recommended to me. It is still, unfortunately, on my TBR, but I hope to actually read it soon.

I loved this tag, although it now makes me want to visit a Disney park (I’ll settle for any of them around the world)! It was fun matching each ride to a novel. A lot of them had multiple novels that came to mind, but I decided on the ones that popped into my head first. I highly encourage anyone to give this tag a try and please remember to credit the creator!

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