~ Series of the Month: (MARCH) Gargoyle Queen ~

For this monthly post, I select one series to highlight. The series can either be complete or still in progress. Right now, I am just selecting some enjoyable ones at random, but, eventually, I may have a theme each month.

This month’s series is:

Gargoyle Queen

(#1) – Published July 6th 2021
(#2) – Published May 3rd 2022
(#3) – Published March 7, 2023

About the Series –

This series is a spin-off of Crown of Shards, where the main characters in this series were younger and are now on their own adventure. The story follows Princess (and spy) Gemma, who spies on Morta for her country of Andvari. Her mission takes her on an unexpected adventure filled with dangers, political intrigue, and even romance.

Why I Chose This Series –

The first novel, Capture the Crown, was immediately captivating where I could not put it down. It was surprising as it was very memorable. I had high expectations for the sequel, Tear Down the Throne, and I was pleased that these were met. After two great novels, I was both excited and disappointed to read the final novel. I was disappointed that this series was over, but I was excited to read this conclusion. Conquer the Throne was an excellent final novel and I hope the author further expands the world as I would love to read another series set in this universe.

Have you read the Gargoyle Queen series or is it on your TBR?

If so, what did you think of the novel(s)?

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