~ Monthly Wrap-Up: APRIL ~

This month I completed 29 novels – 11 were audiobooks and 18 were ebooks. 21 of the 29 novels were ARCs.

**You can access my reviews by clicking on the covers of each novel. **

REVIEW POSTS: Four to Five Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Three to Four Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Two to Three Donuts

REVIEW POSTS: Zero to Two Donuts

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April has been a month of catching up with ARCs. I try to read them about a month before they are published (May novels in April, etc.) I generally came up with this years ago and have stuck with it ever since, although I may change this in the future. I still have quite a few ARCs left plus an unlimited amount of backlist novels. All the reads for April were all over the place for ones that I liked and did not, but I am glad I at least tried them. I look forward to discovering even more stories in May.

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