At the beginning of this pandemic in 2020, we were little more than two women whom lived together and enjoyed the outdoors and activities that required actually getting dressed/putting on make-up/making any type of effort to seem presentable. However, since then, our days are now filled with moving from one room to the next within the house and calling that our morning commute. We can complain that the line for one bathroom in the morning constitutes our heavy traffic days (though, I doubt our local news would consider that note worthy).

On one particularly boring day, in a fit of cleaning, we came across a Barnes and Noble membership card. In the excitement of getting that 10% off (after all, the rule is, you better buy something on sale even if you have no use for it and you did not really want it in the first place) we all compiled long lists of books (the actual price tag is not important as we want to keep that secret in case our credit card companies see this blog). Even after finding out BnN does not honor the 10% through online purchases, we were already too deep into the purchase to go back (things were already in the cart!).

Many, many, MANY books later, we thought of creating this blog in August 2020 to compile our personal notes, keep track of what we read and what we thought of each book, and create an open discussion between both of us – and any others that may wish to join – as we review the various books and genres that each other reads.

So, if you are not one of us and have actually made it to this point in the description, thank you. And sorry, I only know how boring my day staying at home is, I can’t imagine how boring it could be for you if you felt compelled to read this higgy barble. But, thank you anyway!

Side Note: If you are curious how our rating system became donuts and the origin of our blog name, please read on –

As two plus-sized best friends, we joke a lot about calling each other chunky monkey. When thinking of blog names, we thought of using the term and calling it “Chunky Monkey Books.” We happened to watch an SNL clip called “Chonk” and the spelling of it changed to “Chonky Monkey Books.” Enter the Simpsons with the below moment, “Chonky Monkey Books” did not sound right, so we took two inspirations from this one clip. The first is we shortened our name to “Chonky Books” and the second is using donuts to rate books. We knew from the start we wanted to use food, but we had a difficultly narrowing it down as the ideas ranged from fruit to ice cream. Our blog officially published with our donut rating system and our “Chonky Books” name with our tagline “We take a bite out of books!”

UPDATE: Due to her work schedule, Mary A. has taken a step back from the blogging world. This blog is currently operated solely by Etta.

Who We Are

Is that romance in the air or summer pollen that is making you tear up? At this point it is hard to tell. But, if you need fantastic insight into the best easy breezy rom-com genre, Etta is your girl!

“Far off places, daring sword fights, a prince in disguise…” Fairy tales, adventure, and fantasy have become Etta’s latest obsession with endless reads on the horizon.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it someone who just picks books because she likes the cover and has no rhyme or reason to her picks? That’s Mary A for ya! From thriller to coming of age stories all the way to YA, Mary A. reads them all!

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