Top Ten Books I’ve Read This Year (2020) – Part 2

Numbers One Through Five

As I continue my countdown for my Top Ten novels from this year, I want to also mention one Non-Fiction book that I absolutely loved. It was given to me by my friend Mary A. and I’m thrilled that she shared as it was extremely informative and captivating.

**To access each novels entry on Goodreads, click the pictures of their covers.**

Best Non-Fiction: Bad Blood

Although I did not actually write a review for this book, it really was an incredible insight into the Theranos scandal that rocked the medical industry. It was incredible how far the project became a thriving enterprise with little substance to back it up and how the company became so expansive without anyone fully knowing the inner workings. A must read book for anyone who wants to learn more about the whole situation!

Now on to the Top Five novels that I’ve read in 2020 (April to December in my case):

Number 5: A Reason to Be

A Reason to Be was an extreme surprise. An enthralling journey through time as we explore multiple generations from history. This book gives great lessons about living life with purpose and illustrated that each person’s reasons are different yet still equally meaningful. The Scottish history through our main character’s ancestry as we move from their origins in Scotland to their migration to the United States was well written and each time-period was written in a style that fit the setting. The details are what make this story great as a reader learns about moving forward while balancing learning about the past. Although this novel is not for everyone, for me, the story was enjoyable overall and the writing just puts the reader at ease, as it is a relaxing, yet captivating, read. [Link to My Full Review]

Number 4: Red, White & Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue was one of the most hyped books from 2019 as everyone I knew plus every must read list that I came across included this book and said that it was one of the top-ones of the year. I went into reading this one as a skeptical reader as I did not believe that this book could live up to the high expectations everyone set. I was pleasantly surprised and I finished this novel in one sitting. Sure, there were parts/characters that might not be for everyone, but to me, they were written to fit the story and each piece fit together like a nice jigsaw puzzle. A fun escape novel did not require too much thought as a reader so you could just relax and enjoy as you pour through the pages. I cannot wait to read the author’s next release when it comes out next year! [Link to My Full Review]

Number 3: Cemetery Boys

Cemetery Boys was a delightful surprise, as I was not expecting much from a story about brujas/brujos and ghosts. Released in September 2020, I ended up reading this closer to Halloween and I was disappointed that I did not read it sooner as it was a fantastic read. Although all the main characters are teenagers, they are well written and relatable, even to adult readers. They fit their age group and are enchanting characters. The main mystery that the characters must solve along with the journey our main character goes through was extremely heart-warming while being an exciting read with some adventure. A must re-read for me! [Link to My Full Review]

Number 2: Circe

Circe is by the same author as The Song of Achilles and was written incredibly well. I picked up this novel almost immediately after completely her other novel and I am thrilled that I did as Madeline Miller has become one of my top authors. As this was published in 2020, 8 years after her other novel, I did not have high expectations as I do not expect authors to have hits one after another, especially years apart. I am glad this book proved me wrong as Circe was an enthralling protagonist. Her journey from childhood to adulthood was captivating and it was impossible to put this book down once I started. As this author was two for two on my list of books I enjoyed, I cannot wait to see what she will release next! [Link to My Full Review]

Number 1: The Song of Achilles


The Song of Achilles was an absolute gem of a book so it is no surprise that it became my favorite. As it was released in 2012, I cannot believe it took me this long to read (although I was not a huge reader in 2012 if I am honest). I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology and enjoy almost any renditions of the well-known legends and stories (I say almost as I am sure there is one out there I would not enjoy). This story had it all as you see a famous War and hero through the eyes of someone living the story rather than being told all through Achilles’ perspective. The writing is detailed and matches the style/time-period it is set. There is excellent flow so you are not bogged down by too many details or lost if the pace was set too quickly. Overall, one of the books guaranteed to be on my re-read list for years to come. [Link to My Full Review]

Well, that wraps up my Top Ten for the year 2020! Now it is on to 2021 and hopefully there are many more great reads to come! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ~Etta

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