~ Goodreads Monday 01/25/21~

This is a weekly meme where any one can choose a random book from their Goodreads TBR and highlight it. Once you choose a book and create your post, make sure you link and reference the creator, @Lauren’s Page Turners. Eventually, I will try to find a rhyme or reason to my choices, but for now, each week will feature a random one that I mean to read soon!

This Week’s Selection: Soul of Stone by Michele Amitrani

Published November 12th 2020

Every legend hides a truth as dangerous as a double-edged sword.

On the far island of Sarpedon, a snake-haired she-monster known to inhabitants as the Soul of Stone turns people into statues. For decades, heroes from all over Greece have been trying to put an end to her evil, and for decades her collection of statues has grown, soul by soul.

When Panacea, a young Amazon warrior with a talent for potions, learns her brother has been killed by the monster, she sails to Sarpedon to seek revenge. But in the killer’s cave, Panacea makes a stunning discovery that leaves her questioning everything she believes to be true.

Torn between bravery and fear, between loyalty and treachery, Panacea must reconcile herself to the knowledge that ending a life is easy, while preserving one is hard. Vengeance is an art—but is she willing to bathe her soul in Hellfire in order to master it?

I found this novella on one of the random ARC sites and although this isn’t a true advanced copy, it still intrigued me as I love reading mythology tales.

I’m anxious to read this story as it sounds fantastic, but I’m also apprehensive as novellas can be lacking when it comes to leaving the reader satisfied.

No matter if this story turns out to be good or bad, I’m excited to read it and if it turns out great, then I get to add even another author to keep on my radar!

5 thoughts on “~ Goodreads Monday 01/25/21~

  1. It looks really interesting. I hope that you enjoy it when you get around to it. I completely agree with you about Novella’s being lacking though. I don’t think I have ever rated one any higher than 3 stars because they never feel quite like “enough”

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