~ The ABC Challenge: “D” ~

Welcome to my six post for the ABC Challenge! 

I am not sure who the creator of this challenge is as I do not recall seeing a link on others’ posts. If you know who it is, I will be happy to add their credits. The rules are simple as each post contains one letter of the alphabet and contains memorable reads from the past and novels from your TBR.

For this challenge, I decided to mix up my order using a random letter generator. Instead of going alphabetically, I will post based on the letter chosen by the generator. As there may be repeats, I am not sure if I want to select a new letter or just post the letter given by the generator, so I will have to decide once that situation occurs. I am also still working on if I want to make this a weekly post or if I want to spread out the posts.

Today’s Letter: D

“W” was a difficult letter to narrow down for both my completed and my TBR as there are tons of novels that I enjoyed and would easily read again along with multiple novels that I hope to read in the near future.

Memorable Titles That Start With the Letter “D”

  • (A) Draagonbird in the Fern – Standalone fantasy novels are very hit or miss and this one definitely surpassed my expectations. Jira was an excellent main character that I wanted to root for and the mystery aspect of the story was very interesting.
  • Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King #1) – This was actually my first novel by the author and I loved it. The duology is simple in general nature while still being filled with an interesting story and fun characters.
  • (The) Dragon Republic (The Poppy War #2) – While this may be the second novel in the trilogy, the novel built a lot on the intense ending of the first novel, contained its own conflicts, and set-up the story for the epic conclusion of the final novel.
  • Duke, Actually (A Princess for Christmas #2) – This story was sweet as it has that holiday/Hallmark feel with the two characters coming together in the country of Eldovia that made me wish it was a real place to visit.
  • (A) Dance with Magic (The Twin Kingdoms #2) – This story was great as it begins to set up the main conflict that appears in all four novel and the main characters that will each have their own stories in the next two installments. This story itself featured a great standalone mystery that felt complete even though the page length is small.
  • Duchess If You Dare (The Maidens of Mayhem #1) – This story was interesting as there are two main stories in one all set in historical England. There is the mystery that the main characters are attempting to solve and the romance that is blooming between them. It had a few elements that were not perfect, but it was still well worth reading and I look forward to continuing the series.
  • Daisy’s Dilemma – The writing style of the story was very engaging and the dilemma in the story was well-done. There is a love square present, but it is well done where it felt natural in the story and the events made sense.
  • (A) Deadly Education (The Scholomance #1) – This story is info heavy as the school and its monsters are all established. I loved the set up of the characters and main plot in this novel and the series itself was well worth the read.

Books on My TBR that Start With the Letter “D”

(The) Dating Charade
Dark Rise [Dark Rise #1]
(The) Devil and the Dark Water
Death & Desire [The Jezebel Files #2]
Descent of the Drowned [Descent of the Drowned #1]
Daughter of the Salt King [Salt Chasers #1]
Dutybound [The Light Wings Epic #1]
(The) Donut Trap

Have you read any of the novels mentioned above or are they on your TBR?

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