~ Weekly Wrap-Up January 10th to 16th ~

I know typically the Weekly Wrap-ups are on Sundays, but as I plan to try the SixOnSunday meme in the near future. Therefore, I’m trying to spread out my extra posts that are not a review. [If I review anything on a Saturday, then I’ll include it in the next week’s wrap-up.]

For my weekly wrap-ups: I will recap my reviews, my other posts from earlier in the week, and also highlight any books that were released this week (if any).

This Week in Reviews:

This Week’s Other Posts:

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~ Spell the Month in Books – JANUARY ~

This Week’s Releases That I Previously Read:

Published: January 12

The Lost Manuscript

Published: January 11

Lost in Translation

Published: January 12

You have a Match

Published: January 12

What Could Be Saved?

Published: January 12

Siri, Who Am I?

This week I managed to read four novels that all were released on or near their publishing dates. Typically I either read them right away or I forget about them until after they have already been released. I read Siri, Who Am I? earlier in December, so semi-close to the release date at least.

My goals for the next week are to try and keep up with the blogging while attempting to reduce my TBR pile. I also need to work on my actual blog pages as I need to update my Book Review List page and add in pages/menus for my other posts. Additionally, I have a couple reading challenges that I’m going to work on this year. My primary goal is to complete at least one of them. My secondary goal is to try and not “double dip” and have one novel count for two challenges. Luckily, it is only January so I can keep the hope alive that I’ll complete both goals – until December comes and I’ve complete failed – at least that is months away!

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