~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 24 ~

Last week seems to be the week of sequels as I completed the second novels in four separate series that I previously started: The Forgotten Kingdom (The Lost Queen trilogy), The Moria Pearls (Lady Diviner series), A Touch of Ruin (Hades and Persephone series), and Cruel Crown / Glass Sword (both part of the Red Queen series). While the latter three series all have additional novels previously published, I will need to wait until 2023 to find out what happens in book three of the The Lost Queen series.

My two standalone novels were both blog tour posts: Crownless and A Second-Hand Husband. While the latter was not perfect, it was still enjoyable and I really hope the other, Crownless, turns into a series or at least has spin-offs as I loved a lot of the characters!

Additionally, I started the Dauntless Path series and read/reviewed all four novels that have previously published: Brambles, Thorn, The Bone Knife, and The Theft of Sunlight. I cannot believe that I have to wait a year to read the next novel in the series as I loved the world the author created and how the novels all tied together, so far.

My plan for next week is to continue with at least the Red Queen series. As there are three novels left (two full length & one collection of novellas), I am not sure if I will be able to get through all of them, but I hope to at least get through one. However, I am excited to make progress with the Red Queen series, especially after the series will be made into a show on Peacock. I am very curious how the series will come together as I have my thoughts and it is very difficult not to spoil the endings since there are tons of reviews out there for the series.

Most likely I will continue the Red Queen series in audiobook form, so I am not sure which other books I will read next week. I have one ARC and one blog tour book, but both are shorter and I most likely will add one more from my back-log. Choosing a back-log title is going to be very difficult as I have an endless list, so most likely I will close my eyes and go with the first one I select.

~ My Reviews ~

The Forgotten Kingdom (The Lost Queen #2)

ARC Review

A Touch of Ruin (Hades & Persephone #2)

Audiobook Review

Cruel Crown (Red Queen #0.1-0.2)

Audiobook Review

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

Audiobook Review

The Moria Pearls (Lady Diviner #2)

Book Review

A Second-Hand Husband

Blog Tour Review

Brambles (Dauntless Path #0.5)

Book Review

Thorn (Dauntless Path #1)

Audiobook Review

The Bone Knife (Dauntless Path #1.5)

Book Review

The Theft of Sunlight (Dauntless Path #2)

Audiobook Review

~ My Other Posts ~

Recent Releases

A Second-Hand Husband (review link above) was published on June 16th. The other new release is Crownless (review link above), which was published today on June 19th.

Happy 3rd Saturday of June! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

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