~ Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 32 ~

Last week was a “lighter” week compared to others as I read/reviewed 10 novels.

I listened to five audiobooks. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels is the start to a new series and was a very surprising read. It had a great mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance. While We Were Dating was a fantastic addition to the Wedding Date series and also became one of my top novels in the series. Darling and Plot Twist both were amazing to me in theory, but, unfortunately neither fully lived up to my expectations. They are great reads to try though as I am in the minority for some of my opinions. My final audio was a surprise read as The Break-up Book Club had some unexpected twists and turns that tied the different stories together.

My last reads were four ARC novels and one back-log novel. What’s Not True was an excellent sequel to What’s Not Said. Both novels are filled with soap opera level chaos to make each a fast and captivating read. Windfall was both a hit and miss for me as there is a lot of potential there and many elements that I enjoyed. Since it is the start of the series, I may give the next novel a try. Every Day in December was also a surprising read as it explored many “darker” themes compared to what I initially thought would be a nice light-hearted holiday-like romance. It was surprising in a great way though and I greatly enjoyed reading it. My final two novels were the Raybearer duology. I actually received the second novel, Redemptor, as an ARC before reading the first, so I picked up Raybearer in order to read the entire story. I absolutely loved both novels and it has become a top duology for me.

Next week, I have a few more ARCs that will be published in August that I hope to read along with some that will be published in early September. Although there are many ARCs that I would love to request, I have myself on restriction until I get my 40 current ones under control. It is extremely difficult to resist going through all the different sources for new novels, but I am trying to reduce my ARC number, so I can also balance more back-log titles. We shall see how this ban goes as I constantly see novels that people post and I want to request and read.

~ My Reviews ~

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels (Dangerous Damsels #1)

Audiobook Review

What’s Not True (What’s Not #2)

ARC Review

The Break-Up Book Club

Audiobook Review

Windfall (Legends of Vioria #1)

ARC Review

Plot Twist

Audiobook Review

Every Day in December

ARC Review

Raybearer (Raybearer #1)

Book Review

Redemptor (Raybearer #2)

ARC Review

While We Were Dating (Wedding Date #6)

Audiobook Review

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Published: Aug 12th

Thank you for reading my wrap-up! Happy 2nd Saturday of August! How was your week? Did you read or do anything good?

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